Full Wedding Planning

Our full wedding package doesn’t just come with all the pre-planning and the day-of support – there is so much more included. We’ve approached the plan holistically and thought of every possible variable for you, so that you can glory in your moment.


Partial Management

Want the wedding of your dreams, but without the coffers of a prince charming? Partial management ensures your day will go smoothly in our capable hands, while the planning is shared between us. Do as much or as little as you want, and we’re happy to create a custom calendar to keep you on track or offer eco-friendly options for you.


Wedding Day Management

Many couples love being the creators of their own big day! If you’re the type who gets as much joy out of building the event as the event itself, we’d be honoured to come in on your special day, just to ensure your plans execute to perfection for you!


Destination Wedding Planning

There is nothing as beautiful as exchanging your vows on the beach. No matter where or how you want it to happen, we will make sure that you get there in one piece, have everything you need, and enjoy every aspect of your special trip.



Many people want to celebrate sustainably and bring an environmental mindfulness to their event. Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to mean you have to cut out the fun!