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Minimalism is not a lack of something but the perfect amount of something
— Nicolas Burroughs

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Our goal is to make your event heartfelt and personal.

some 2018 highlights

“Roxane was different from the beginning. She was sharp, competent, articulate, organized, always reliable, always 110% there. Moreover she was honest and direct about everything, and she listened to my needs (versus pushing her own agenda). After all the "selling" I had to deal with, Roxane was a breath of fresh air. When you plan a wedding, you quickly realize how much BS there is that you need to deal with. I appreciated that she didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. I knew she had my best interest at heart. That is the hallmark of a planner I needed at my wedding. In all the chaos, I knew she'd keep me sane.”

Lucy zhou, Bride 2018

“We had the most amazing experience with Roxane, our wedding planner. She made us feel very special. Communication is constant and very easy. It was like we were working with a friend. Roxane is passionate, detail oriented and a great negotiator. We took her to Mexico with us and she made sure that everything went smoothly. We highly recommend her to whoever want their wedding to be a success and wonderful experience. We would get married again just so we can work with her again.”

Patrick Lapierre, Groom 2018

“Roxane did a stellar job making sure our wedding was perfect. She was thorough, efficient and a pleasure to work with. A big thank you!”

Anita savage, Bride 2018

“Even with the complexity and tight schedule of our wedding, Roxane never faltered in her can-do attitude and endless creative solutions to every possible challenge. We had a very untraditional, intimate, and minimalist wedding at the Toronto Islands, which presented Roxane with a huge number of challenges in timing, logistics, and budget. Roxane not only took all the complexity in her stride, she went way above and beyond. She thought of everything, and considered every little detail that I never would have thought of myself. She brought amazing creativity and ideas that were just so much better than what we could come up with by ourselves”

Richard Wai, Groom 2018

New! Discover our Parisian style events


A Parisian Tale

focuses exclusively on fine French cuisine and wine, fashion, music, and all of the intricate elements that can be woven together to create experiences that spark all of the senses. Clients are accepted on a limited basis to ensure that each client receives a level of care and customization that makes their guests feel as if they have truly traveled to the French countryside.






We want to ensure we are capturing your vision and/or brand while still adding our own special flare.


Every memorable event should have a fascinating story to tell!


Sourcing out the best suppliers and vendors


Ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.


What experience will your guest have and more importantly what is the key take away.