Luxury meets sustainable


Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have

to cut out the fun and unique!

Many people want to celebrate sustainably and bring an environmental mindfulness to their event. There’s an extravagance in sustainable sourcing that your guests will recognize.

Being able to name the farm your dinner’s ingredients came from speaks to both your sophistication and integrity.

Supporting your local economy will enchant and inspire your guests with surprises at every turn and make your event one to remember.

Standing for the environment in your first act as a married couple communicates to the world your intention to live and sustain beauty.

Living your corporate values helps build trust with your customers and clients, which is the foundation of every healthy and lasting relationship.


For example, let us help you:

  • Pick a “green” venue

  • Select socially responsible vendors

  • Promote the event in new creative ways whilst limiting waste

  • Monitor your overall events carbon footprint

  • Promote / encourage local economy

  • And much more