A Green Venue for a Green You

Although it’s not known who first concluded that it’s all about “location, location, location”, they were absolutely right, even when it comes to events.

When you’re choosing your venue for your eco-conscious conference or wedding, you have a whole different set of criteria than someone who doesn’t have the environment in mind.

 We’ve mentioned the importance of the venue in previous blogs, so let’s take the time now to delve a little deeper into what to look for. 


Renewable Energy and Renewable Technologies


Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions to your venue – don’t worry, they’ll understand how important this is to you.


  • Ask your venue about their energy portfolio to ensure it’s renewable or clean energy

  • Check the washrooms to see if they have occupancy sensors

  • Is their lighting energy efficient - do they use LED?

  • Does their kitchen have a zero-waste policy (whether donation or compost)?

  • Check out the Green Key Globalprogram to help you determine your venue’s commitment to the environment


What is Renewable Energy?

If you’re still learning what to look out for, here’s a 101 on renewable energy.

Renewable energy comes from naturally-occurring sources and is renewed at least as fast as it is used. Examples of energy that is considered renewableincludes solar, wind, geothermal, and hydropower. 

There are many venuesnowadays that have made a commitment to renewable energy and energy conservation. Many luxe wedding locationshave realized that they can be both environmentally friendly and still decadent.


Your Guests: They Pollute Too!


It’s a simple fact that the more guests you invite to your wedding, the more pollution you’ll be producing. There are some easy ways around this, especially if you’ve nailed the perfect venue in which to do it all.

 It’s a popular trend because it makes sense: have the wedding and the reception in the same spot. Don’t make your guests travel from one location to another, and if you absolutely must make them travel, offer a bus service to cut back on cars on the road.

 However, a better idea still is to find a central location for the wedding, so that people can travel by foot, train, or carpool. 

If you have guests from out of town, arrange for an eco-conscious hotel location very close by, and consider that shuttle service, once again. 

Another consideration for out-of-town guests: consider the impact of their air travel. If they live far away and you rarely see them, these may be an obvious eco-conscious cut to make for you. Keeping the guest list to friends and people you know very well makes for a much more intimate event, don’t you agree?


A Venue That Keeps it Green in the Kitchen 

This is a huge topic, and a huge opportunity to get it really right at your wedding or corporate event. A recent probe discovered that 58%of all food produced in Canada was either lost or wasted.

 That’s an unconscionable amount, and one that we can easily make an impact on. When you’re organizing your wedding, be sure to let your planner and your venue know that you expect all leftover food to be donated, wherever possible.

 There are plenty of other ways to reduce food waste at your event, and you can ask the venue to also make recommendations. What measures have they already put in place for dealing with this? Do they have a relationship with Second Harvest

Failing that, don’t forget that a good, eco-conscious wedding plannercan also help you with strategies to reduce your food-waste footprint.


A Venue That is Socially Responsible 


Couples and corporations who want to put out good energy with their event or make a statement about their values will have a keen interest with learning more about how their venue gives back.

Often times, locations will include a section on their website about ‘corporate values’ or ‘social responsibility’, and this is a good place to start. If they don’t include this, be sure to include that as one of your questions during a site visit. 

Their blog will also be a good indicator – do they cover charitable events? Do they promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace? Have they had good reviews from intersectional groups who have used their space in the past? Ask for references, if you feel you need to. 

Remember that your use of their space ties you to their code of ethics, so you want to be sure that theirs matches and reflects yours. It’s not just about ticking some boxes about recycling and reusable tablecloths – it’s about making sure that your event promotes a healthier, happier, more equitable world – from start to finish.


Green Venues Are Our Specialty at RDK Events


We’ve made it our business to know which venues in town are responsible and which ones are only in it for a quick buck. We’ve built relationships with some of our venues so that we know everything they do that supports the local economy and environment, plus it means we are able to share new best practices with them.

We know that you want your friends, family and acquaintances to be inspired by your environmental thought leadership. We also know what it takes – all the million little details – to get you there and wow the crowd.

Contact us now to book a consultation with Roxane of RDK Events and leave your dreams for a clean earth in our hands.

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