The power of mindful wedding planning

RDK Events is so excited to announce the launch of its newest website update! We felt this was needed in order for our clients to better understand our vision, personality and the exceptional experiences we provide. We wanted the company’s business to reflect our beliefs, and now we can proudly say that it does.

Your standard wedding is as lavish an affair as most couples can muster. For many, that means thousands of small decisions and a level of stress only otherwise seen during a kitchen renovation. 

However, this time is irreplaceable, and gone in a flash; this time that is the lead-up to two partners’ lives spent together. Rather than drowned in a sea of details, we prefer to help our clients to spend this time ‘consciously coupling’.


What’s in a Wedding?

Weddings allow people to display what means the most to them, to share with loved ones what values they hold dear to their hearts. And this is why it’s so important to approach wedding planning mindfully, in our opinion – because it allows the couple to explore their relationship, and build some of the final foundation pieces before jumping in wholeheartedly. 

Eco-conscious weddings (or corporate events) are a way for the hosts to stand publically for what they find important, and to model the change they want to see in the world. After all, this is the world that they will be moving forward together in; it’s exactly at times like these that we should have hopes for a brighter future. 


The Dawn of a New Era

We believe that bright future is achievable – of course, we’re slightly biased; we wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t believe in the power of Love – and it only requires one to take action wholeheartedly in order to realize it. It’s the very reason we build some extras in to our planning packages, such as exercise sessions and consultations with health experts. Because we believe in love and want to give it its best chance.

Bringing conscious planning to weddings and events allows both us and our clients to be wholehearted. We consider it our responsibility to do our best to ensure not just that they are a wild success from a planning perspective; we also want to make sure that their events allow our clients to benefit from the journey itself.


Choosing to be With Another

 Marriage is about more than exchanging vows and rings, it’s about choosing to live together with your partner every day. It’s about caring for that relationship by continually making good choices and maintaining the relationship’s health.

That starts with how you celebrate that relationship, and setting the tone for those choices in the months, years and decades to come. Choosing to spend time together on your relationship instead of fighting over centrepieces is definitely the preferable route.

We’ll be bringing more topics to the blog in future weeks, all surrounding the choices you make and how to manifest them in your event, so stay tuned!

No matter what level of involvement you’re looking for, RDK Events can help you capture your perfect celebration – part of our signature service is helping you along the journey of the planning process as well as handling the event itself.

Book your consultation HERE, and we’ll be happy to sit down with you and discuss how your wedding can truly celebrate your growth and transformation into a married couple.