What's the fuss about geometric decor?

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If you are on a lookout for something unique without being overly romantic to incorporate into an event or your wedding, then geometric decor and design ideas have just the right touch. Honestly, the concept never really went out of style. These shapes are universal and add a little touch of the avant garde, glamour and modern chic to any occasion, especially weddings. Geometric Designs are a trend again in fashion, decor, and wedding themes since last year. The design concepts play beautifully well in floral arrangements, unique bouquet presentations and not to mention in wedding reception decor and overall look. Girl, this could be the fab glam style you’re looking for.

Trendy and Eye Catching

Geometric designs in decor - home and events including weddings are now trending because they give structure with clean lines and shapes. They add interesting details to floral and table arrangements that truly captures the attention of guests; adding that classy glamorous look that’s universal in appeal. And nowadays planners and designers have incorporated the clean lines of geometric figures with floral arrangements that transform the traditional to a cool, modern chic look. The different shapes in different colors - grey, red, blue and yellow as well as metallic - put fun into floral designs including bouquets and baskets.

Fabulous geometric figures applied in lights - candles and bulbs add life to the party as well as softening the mood of the place. The application of geometric shapes to event decorating is endless. They are fun and easy to make which is the reason for their popularity. They add visual interest to the event location that enhances the experience of the guests.

Origin of Geometric Design

Geometric design and patterns have been a part of decor for thousands of years. Ancient Greek, Romans, Sassanians and Islamic buildings have used these patterns to enhance palaces, temples, places of worships, gardens and homes. They represent perfect symmetry, balance and infinity - they are timeless. They add clean lines and shapes to buildings. In the 1970s, they became popular in interior design as clean lines and no frills contrasted the frills and ruffle styles of previous decades. Add that touch of timelessness to your event.

DIY Geometric Shapes as Wedding Decor

Now that geometric decor is trending, there are Do-It-Yourself tutorials for the bride on a budget. These are easy and fun things to do to take your mind off the stress of planning and organizing your wedding.

  • A great DIY idea is the himmeli inspired mobile that you can put on bouquet stands as additional wedding ornaments, add to candles or small led bulbs to get that starry diamond effect, add to a tree, buffet table fringe or just about anywhere you can hang the mobile inspired sculpture. 
  • Candles soften any table setting, add an interesting twist by using geometric shapes as candle placements. 
  • Metallic art in geometric shapes add interest to any table or setting. And best of all, you don’t have to use real metal, instead use plastic straws or any inexpensive tubes. You just paint over the surface to add that metallic touch. 

RDK is your go-to event planner that truly understands trending styles and loves to play around with them to create an unforgettable wedding. We master the craft of decorating the space with designs that will match your personality, add interesting details through trending styles including geometric design that adds visual interest to the location, enhancing your, and your guests’, wedding experience.