DIY Buffet for couples on a budget

One knotty aspect of having a unique, elegant and simple wedding is the buffet. Food is quite important, you wouldn't want to make your beautiful guests crave for the wedding to end, rather you should make them crave for the array of delicious dishes. the cost of hiring a caterer could cost a lot. The good news however is that you can still make your guests have numerous options of tasty, appealing delicacies to select from. Greater news is that you can do it without necessarily hiring a professional caterer. Or any caterer at all. You can simply do the catering yourself with an array of luscious meals prepared by yourself. Catering the DIY way. Here is how to rock your wedding buffet.

Be organized

Setting up an affordable buffet for a small audience is an affordable way to get your guests served. It's quite important to first ascertain the number of guests. This is important to determine the amount of food to prepare. The buffet should be enough to sufficiently cater for your guests without leading to excess wastage. Though a surplus would be better to cater for a larger guest turn out or to please the taste buds of your guest who would want more of your delicious dishes, hopefully. Then a plan for the amount of food, the cost. Buy as much as you can in bulk at stores like Costco , Amazon or local restaurant suppliers. The types of food, method of preparation and quantity of help that will be needed. It is very important to have a clear, well defined schedule containing price, price of actions, Ingredients and tools and the human resource.

Know what you are working with

The buffet has to be planned in advance, and apart from getting the ingredients for preparation of the delicacies, certain items will be needed. It is important to determine whether the wedding venue allows you to take your food in, and even allow you make food preparations or not. A place to prepare the meal is needed. Whether it is in the kitchen in your residence, that of a friend or one in the venue. Refrigerators and freezers for preservation, plates and other utensils for dishing, food trays and stands. If these items are not owned, they can be rented from various businesses such as Plate Occasion or the Good Fork.  The space must be big enough to contain refrigerators and freezers for preservation and cold serves and ovens for reheating meals. Drinks could be as simple as water and fruit juices or you can choose to install a Mimosa or Bloody Mary bar - depending on Wedding timeline. More drinks can be explored, though alcohol will cost more dollars and bloat wedding expenses.

Plan relevant food

The time of the wedding also plays an important role in the type of food to be prepared. Whether it is morning or noon. It is advisable to make it off the conventional meals period though, as a wedding set for noon would make guests come with the mindset of a lunch. A period away from the conventional meal period is one with less hungry guests.

Your buffet could comprise chicken and meat-based meals, potato and yam dishes, tea sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres, ice cream, fruit juices, crackers, vegetables and many others. You can also decide to only DIY a portion of the buffet, putting together a cheese and cracker buffet (maybe paired with wine) for your cocktail hour and hiring a caterer for the evening celebration. Whatever you do, there is always a way to save money.

Have fun!

The most important thing to remember is that if you decide to set up your buffet yourself, this should be a fun activity to share with friends and loved ones. Apart from being more affordable than employing the services of caterers or ordering from a restaurant, it makes your meal more unique and who wouldn't want an activity that bonds you both and fosters a better relationship with others.  A DIY wedding buffet could be the perfect way.


We want to hear from you! Do you think DIY buffets are a good idea? Why? We also want to see your photos and ideas if you’ve created your own wedding buffet before! J