V-Day is upon us

Oh, Kelly Clarkson puts it so well…. Presents are a beautiful sight, but Christmas just ain’t the same without a loved one to hold you tight near the Christmas tree!

No matter your religion, your beliefs or your background… whether you are a Clarence Odbody, a cousin Eddie or a Grumple (although let’s be honest, even HE ends up singing the carols!) ... Let’s face it… all we wanted during the holiday season was a little love  (how can we help it?).

Maybe that’s why most people choose Christmas Eve to get engaged ... A survey conducted in the UK actually showed that a third of 7,000 men interviewed, chose that night to ask the question. And now that the holiday season is (finally) over you might be thinking that you’ve missed your chance of being uber romantic and might have to wait another year to finally “put a ring on it” (oh, oh, oh). But don’t you worry, if the question hasn’t popped yet -  it doesn’t mean it won’t… even though the magic of Christmas is behind us, V-Day is upon us, and that my friends is also proven to be quite the popular day for popping “ze” big question.

Surely there is no better way to ask the question than to just ASK the question but we truly believe that context can be a pretty big deal (you ladies know what I'm talkin' about).

So, as we want nothing more than to help you “make your wish come true” and get the YES outta her, we have concocted a top 5 list of Toronto’s most ridiculously romantic places to get him down on that knee. Ladies, if you want to be surprised, now is the time to stop reading.


Source: https://www.fringsrestaurant.com

Source: https://www.fringsrestaurant.com


 What we love: Great atmosphere, intimate décor and live music on certain nights of the week. Everything on the menu is shareable and you’ll for sure appreciate the “drink therapist” that comes rolling her trolley right to your table to prepare the drinks right in front of you. Price is affordable and we definitely recommend the chicken sliders to start off your night.

What the future bride will love: The trendiness of the place and the general feeling that by being there you must just be one of those rare ones “in the know”. The romantic lighting and comfortable fur chairs that make it so unique as well as the friendly service.

Source: http://www.chillicehouse.com/

Source: http://www.chillicehouse.com/

CHILL Ice House

What we love: That we hadn’t heard about this place before. Its promotion is basically based on word-of-mouth and it just makes it that much more special and secretive. You kind of feel like you have to be part of a secret society to enter it. The concept of having a drink in what is basically a giant igloo turns your night from a simple “night out” to an evening “to remember”. The owner is the nicest and if you give him 3 days notice he will put your ring and carve it in ice (how romantic)… imagine your loved one finding a ring in an ice cube in the middle of her spiced rum and cinnamon cocktail. Finish the night in the speakeasy lounge and cozy up around a warm chocolate fondue.

What the future bride will love: The element of surprise. She’ll love how small and intimate the place is and if you manage to reserve one of the two little booths you will have enough privacy to feel like you are alone in the world. Foremost she will love that you went the extra mile to find a place that was as extra special as she is. 

Source: http://www.papillononfront.com

Source: http://www.papillononfront.com

Le Papillion On Front

What we love about it: The delicious (and aphrodisiac?) French Quebecois food and beautiful brick walls. The whole St Lawrence Market area is just beautiful at night and the view can take your breath away (and that, all year round). The evening starts when you get out of your car and start walking toward the restaurant.

What the future bride will love: The sophisticated French feel and candlelight dinner. Plus, not only will she enjoy the night but she might actually have also found a wedding location right there on the spot. Beautifully located and big enough, the venue also hosts weddings on a regular basis. 

The Reservoir Lounge

What we love: That there is no “bad” night in this place. Open Tuesday to Saturday, every night is special and with it comes its share of boogie Woogie. All the elements of an outstanding jazz bar are checked; from the dim lights, red velvet divan and fabulous Motown music everything is in place. Plus, the staff is more than accommodating and if you book a few days early you’ll get exactly what you want. Eat, drink, mingle and dance… there is no doubt you’ll have a fabulous night.

What the future bride will love: the shareable food, and intimate atmosphere. The singer will for sure dedicate a song to her if you make the request when you arrive. Making her feel even more special (isn’t that what this is all about?!), plus make her laugh by showing her your sexy swing moves. 

Carens Rosedale 

What we love: First of all the location is great. Located right midtown it makes it is easy to access from both the south and north end of Toronto no need to stress over parking. But what we LOVE the most is the pianist playing his beautiful music making us feel like we are in a scene from Casablanca. Once again, French classiness is au rendez-vous in this truly unique and elegantly built restaurant. The wine list is to die for and the fresh daily oysters are a must to start off your night.

What the future bride will love: The certain je ne sais quoi of this location that makes it so damn romantic and inevitably transports you to Paris for a night. Plus, nothing can make a girl’s heart melt like the soft melody of Chopin (don’t forget to place your request when you walk in, especially if you have a special song you’d like to hear). Combine that with authentic French cuisine and no doubt, she’ll want to be yours forever (although her expectations might be high after that night, ha!).


Although Toronto is filled with exceptional places, we hope this article helped reduced the headache of finding the perfect spot. We'd love to help in preparing the perfect proposal with a personalized  “proposal in a box” curated just for you and according to your specific needs. Please contact us for more information and alternatively visit our social media pages, Instagram and Facebook for daily tips and inspiration.


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