The face behind RDK


Originally from Paris, France, Roxane arrived in Toronto a  little over 4 years ago. After 12 years spent working in Corporate Event Planning and with a lifelong passion for social events, she decided to launch RDK Events & Communications in Toronto. As she evolved in her personal and professional life, it became clear to her that in order to be fully accomplished she needed to focus on 3 specific fields: Creative Production, Event Planning and Non-Profit. 

Her keen eye for fashion, family-oriented personality and people's person attitude make her the perfect person to go to. Her goal always being to curate events that truly represent and benefit her clients. Constantly on the look-out for new challenges and versatile, she describes her style as Minimalist Chic, allowing her to adapt to any given situation. 

I learnt that happiness is appreciating
the simple things in life
— @roxanebetty